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BrandInteGr8’s goal is to provide advertisers access to communities such as a specific geographic area, golf clubs, schools, housing estates, large companies/organizations and the like. Within these communities advertisers will be endorsed and actively advocated via various communication channels. Communities and their members will be rewarded for interaction with the advertising brands through annuity income, community initiatives support, discounted rates, spot specials, rebates and relevant timely advertisements.

The product aims to benefit all 3 of the major stakeholders namely the, advertiser, the community entity and the community member. Advertisers will have the benefit of getting their adverts in front of a targeted community. Through BrandInteGr8’s efforts communities will receive increased income from advertisers and members will have access to exclusive deals, savings and promotions.

The award winning BrandInteGr8 team are an extremely driven team of entrepreneurs and experts who will offer operational assistance to both the community and the advertisers.




BrandInteGr8’s is making significant progress in providing our services to an ever expanding community base. Find your community alongside, or if you community is not there then please contact us to set up a solution for your community





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BrandInteGr8 offers your business the opportunity to effectively advertise to targeted communities within specific geographical areas, golf clubs, schools, large companies / organizations and residential estates. Your business will be positioned within these communities and enjoy relevance, endorsement and advocacy.

Target Market

(Private Individuals & Organisations)

Do you want to get your business in front of decision makers? Company Owners – Senior Management – Decision Makers in the Home. BrandInteGr8 has access to these key individuals.

Endorsement &


Would endorsement and advocacy within a geographic area, exclusive club, school, or residential estate help you secure more business? What about within a large company or organization? BrandInteGr8 offers active, reliable and authentic endorsement and advocacy to help you grow your business.

Measurability &

Cost Effective

BrandInteGr8 understands the importance of measuring and monitoring as part of the feedback to advertisers as to the value that is being generated from our platform. The BrandInteGr8 platform provides advertisers with real value at a cost-effective price. Chat to us.




BrandInteGr8’s value proposition to the community includes annuity income, community investment initiatives, savings, exclusive offers for members purely due to your association with your area, club, school, estate or business / organization. Our award-winning team at BrandInteGr8 will actively grow your advertiser base as well as actively encourage renewal of your existing advertising base.

Annuity Income, Community Investment

& Savings

BrandInteGr8 generates community investment funds as well as monthly revenue for clubs, schools, estates, businesses and organizations along with potential savings that are unique to the BrandInteGr8 communities for these entities as well as your members, staff and even suppliers.
BI8 Club

Additional Members


Members will not be bombarded with advertising, but they will have access to relevant and targeted advertising on a timely basis. These advertisers and potential associated savings are accessible to your members and staff solely by virtue of belonging to your community. Members will also have access to an exclusive, members only directory listing.
BI8 Community

BrandInteGr8 Managed


The BrandInteGr8 team is made up of brand, activation, digital and community specific experts. We are driven to help our communities succeed and grow to the benefit of all stakeholders through targeted, relevant and innovative approaches to advertising.
BI8 School
* Only one of the above applies to each BrandInteGr8 site




Members also benefit from our unique BrandInteGr8 service offering. Members will have access to relevant, timely and targeted advertising, to potential savings as well as the benefit of a member only business directory listing. Members enjoy these and other benefits solely by virtue of being members of the area, club, estate, school, company or organization where BrandInteGr8 offers our solution. Want our solution where you are a member, learner, resident, employer or employee?

Member Business


BrandInteGr8 will set up a member only business directory listing that will provide members with the opportunity to advertise your business as well as have exclusive access to other business’s from within your community.

Savings, Income Generation &

Community Investment

You enjoy BrandInteGr8 exclusive offerings, savings while generating an income for your community investment, club, school, estate or organization. Income that can be used to sustainably improve, or add value to your area, club, school, estate and organization experience. We are a platform where everyone involved benefits.

Relevant &

Timely Offers

As a member / learner / employee / resident you will not be bombarded with advertising, but you will have access to relevant and targeted advertising on a timely basis.





Communities will retain advertisers year-on-year through better ROI and a more integrated solution which will guarantee regular income or investment for your area, club, school, residential estate and organization. BrandInteGr8 will actively grow he advertising base which will further increase monthly advertising / sponsor / exhibitor revenue to your area, club, school, residential estate and organization.


The savings are uniquely negotiated by BrandInteGr8 for our communities and can include both ongoing and spot savings as well as potential rebates on both community member purchases as well as those of the area / club / school / estate / organization.



The value to the members comes in the form of exclusive savings, promotions and deals from advertisers, access to a member only directory listing, and an improved experience of membership / belonging to the area, club, school, estate, organization that now has more funds to better look after members’ interests.


BrandInteGr8 will take charge of all operational aspects. This means we will assume responsibility for planning, managing, fulfilling and billing of all advertising / sponsors / exhibitors to the area, club, school, estate or organization. We will also create, and even distribute should that be agreed, inserts for the community’s websites, newsletters, social media channels and emails.



BrandInteGr8 is a professionally managed multiple award winning, experienced digital agency that has both brand and activation experts with experience in the managing of communities. Our team is entrepreneurial driven with a passion for finding unique solutions.

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