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BrandInteGr8 Jhb North Business Owners

Are you dependent on FaceBook group posts to source business?

Are you and your friends constantly online to monitor for requests to position your business to?

How about using a new, cost effective and efficient alternative to engage and target your community where you can still monitor and respond to enquiries, and where your business is consistently featured and easily found – positioning your business to those that need your products/services even when you aren’t online.

BrandIteGr8 introduces a new way to engage and target your community.

Sign up and Register your business today! Be a first mover and get all the advantages of being there first! Be visible!

Want a targeted and integrated online tool for marketing your business locally? Need assistance with your marketing? Planning, focus, implementation, measurement? BrandInteGr8 can help you do just that in Jhb North.

Want to source local suppliers for products and services you need? Want to find out what is happening in your community. Do you want to be able to communicate more effectively within your community?

Want to support local Jhb North community development and aid initiatives? Advertise on BrandInteGr8

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