Continuing with the introduction of team members of the BrandInteGr8 team.

BrandInteGr8 has been created by enlisting an ever growing team of brand, activation, digital and community specific experts that are instrumental in creating the solution and value proposition that is BrandInteGr8.

Centurion Area Custodian & Digital Comms Specialist:

Jacques Pienaar

Jacques is the team member at Bi8 that manages the Centurion area from a community integration and digital communication perspective. He brings with him a deep understanding of online communication and online systems as well as a strong community focus.

With BrandInteGr8 being about sustainable Community Development, as a young man with all the desired attributes and at the beginning of his work career, we look forward to seeing Jacques grow into this role.

Jacques track record includes
– completing his BSc Computer Studies & Economics (NWU – Potchefstroom Campus)
– Proud BNI member

In his own words: “I have a Passion for Computers, Business, Technology and Marketing and seek to bring new an innovative ways of advertising businesses in the Digital Age. My understanding and passion for computers provides a unique solution to every client from a technological perspective.”

More will follow on the BrandInteGr8 team members

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