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BrandInteGr8 Roosevelt High

BrandInteGr8 is proud to announce that the Roosevelt High School school community services, business advertising and communication portal has gone live.

Want a targeted and integrated online tool for marketing your business to the school, it parents, its community? Need assistance with your marketing? Planning, focus, implementation, measurement? BrandInteGr8 can help you do just that at Roosevelt High School.

Want to source local suppliers for products and services you need? Want to find out what is happening in your school. Do you want to be able to communicate more effectively within your community?

Want to support Roosevelt High development and aid initiatives? Advertise on BrandInteGr8

Access BrandInteGr8 Roosevelt High at

Visit our web site and Facebook to learn more about our offering, to contact us to see how we can assist you, and to find out about our latest developments, successes and happy members.
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