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Easily Buy Advertising Banners & Creative Work Online

BrandInteGr8 is proud to announce that we have brought the next upgrade to our offering to you, our advertisers, for simpler and more efficient business advertising.

As a business that has listed on a BrandInteGr8 business directory, for the specific platform where you have listed you can now in the same convenient way purchase a month-to-month banner advert. Example, you have a business listing on Roosevelt High School, buy a banner advert for display on the Roosevelt High School BrandInteGr8 from within the Roosevelt High School BrandInteGr8 platform.

Need to have that banner produced? No problem! Using the same online shopping mechanism you can purchase banner production. We even provide you with options, depending on how much assistance you require from us.

This feature has been rolled out to all BrandInteGr8 platforms.

The platforms rolled out to are
JHB North
Pretoria East
West Rand
Laerskool Helderkruin
Roosevelt High School

Don’t delay, act now!

Visit our web site and Facebook to learn more about our offering, to contact us to see how we can assist you, and to find out about our latest developments, successes and happy members.
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